Why I Love Argan Oil

Argan oil is simply amazing — and this is coming from someone who uses all the nourishing vitamin E rich oils religiously. Sweet almond, apricot kernel, grape seed, coconut, and olive, you name it and I use it. I know my natural beauty oils, how they smell, feel, blend, absorb, and most importantly, how to use them for your skin. Amber colored argan stands above the rest.

Why? Well, where do I begin? It is high in vitamin E and it is packed with essential fatty acids, so you get the power of the restorative antioxidant vitamin and the moisturizing, smoothing effects of the fatty acids. The other beauty oils have vitamin E and essential fatty acids as well, perhaps not quite as many? They definitely don't have that rich, golden hue or the same silky consistency. Argan oil just feels better. Do I sound like I'm in love. Well, I am.

According to cosmetic company Josie Maran, their pure argan oil has been clinically proven to show a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as better skin elasticity. This is after one month of use. Argan is reputed to have anti-inflammatory benefits because of the linoleic acid content, a super plus for redness and sensitive skin.

Melon-Loving GirlWhile this oil, which is extracted from the kernels, inside the nut, inside the fruit of the argan tree of southwest Morocco, may seem like a remarkable anti-aging product, you'll have to try it yourself to really find out — which means shelling out for a rather high-priced skin moisturizer. There are lots of antioxidants to fight free radical damage and there is plenty of hydrating action with each drop, but there hasn't been enough testing to say how much and exactly how effective, especially in comparison to other, less expensive oils.

Should you try it? Your choice. I took a long time before I bought my first bottle. I was a skeptic. Mostly because it costs more than other oils (this is supposed to be because argan oil takes so much work to extract, also I'm sure the import factor has something to do with it). I have noticed, however, that one bottle lasts a long time — I only use about five drops to moisturize my entire face and neck area.

If you aren't ready for argan oil, then stick with your moisturizing cream, or try grape seed or avocado oil if you want to go for a pure, moisturizing oil. If you do take the plunge, I suggest only using your precious argan for the big challenges, i.e., skin aging. Using argan for everything, from dry hair to dry cuticles, is a great way to run out of an expensive beauty product fast.


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