3 Winter Supplements to Soften Dry Skin

Aside from drinking plenty of water and great moisturizing habits, what else can you do to help keep your skin soft and supple in the dry winter months? What about nutritional supplements to soften and plump dry skin? What can you take?

I do cater my skin nutrients to the seasons, just like we naturally eat more of certain foods in the spring and summer (more salads, smoothies, fresh, ripe stone fruit) vs. the fall and winter (hearty soups, root vegetables, warm whole grain cereals). In the summer I like to focus on adding nutrients to my diet that will help to detox my body and those that help to protect from sun damage and encourage repair. But when the weather outside is frightful...well not particularly, but it is cold, I stick with nourishing oils and good old vitamin C.

First, I add flax seed oil to my diet. It's a great vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids, great for skin health and for your nervous system. I did my own personal test with flax oil, and didn't find that it alone makes your skin softer, but I have noticed that it helps when I notice the first redness of an eczema break out. This makes sense for a couple of reasons. The omega fatty acids in flax oil have anti-inflammatory properties. Another benefit is that these fatty acids support a healthy nervous system. Maybe there is a link between an increased ability to cope with stress and better skin health? I am only throwing out ideas. I have been eczema free so far this winter - maybe it is from adding flax seed oil supplements to my diet? 

I also take evening primrose oil supplements, for the same reason as the flax oil, but they provide a different array of essential fatty acids that your body and skin can really benefit from. 

And third, vitamin C. Supplementing with vitamin C in the winter may not only help to keep your immune system strong, but it also can help out with your skin! Why? Because this vitamin is important for collagen production. Also, a few of the primary fall fruits, apples and pears, are not as loaded with vitamin C as other spring and summer fruits are like berries and stone fruit. If you just stick with an apple a day and cooked veggies instead of fresh salads you may be getting less vitamin C in the winter, just when your body may need more to get through cold and flu season and to help keep your skin soft and supple in the more arid weather! 

These are my three winter supplements to help soften and prevent dry skin. Do you rotate your skin healthy nutrients to suit the changes in your skin through the seasons.?

Raspberry Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

Raspberries and sugar crystals make a sweet combination for sloughing away dead skin cells and getting your skin to really glow. This is one of my go-to sugar body scrub recipes. It is pretty easy to make and the berries give this diy natural skin care recipe an extra special nourishing boost. I am a big fan of summer berry picking, so I always have plenty of berries in the freezer. They are great in skin care recipes, and they are a super skin healthy food that you should enjoy in abundance all year long!

The sugar crystals (use organic!) exfoliate, a little getting rid of the old and in with the new action. Raspberries are great for your skin. They are not only antioxidant-rich, but they are also a great source of skin healing vitamin E. I like to use apricot kernel oil to give this scrub some excellent softening, skin protecting action, but you can also use olive oil or any other nourishing skin care oil. The milk is another source of nourishment for your skin, and it helps to soften the scrub. And finally, for that gorgeous scent, a couple drops of essential oil. 

To make this raspberry sugar body scrub, you will need:

  • 1 cup organic sugar crystals
  • 4-5 tablespoons apricot kernel oil
  • 2 tablespoons whole milk
  • 6-10 raspberries
  • 3 drops vanilla essential oil
  • 2 drops bergamot essential oil

Mix the sugar, milk, and oils. Mash your raspberries and stir into your homemade sugar scrub. Inhale the beautiful scent and get ready to give your skin a delicious, nourishing treatment! Let me know what you think. 

Revitalize Your Skin With Nature's Restorative Berries

Sweet, juicy, tangy berries are not only dessert-worthy treats, they are also a key part of a healthy diet for beautiful skin. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries - any dark berry is going to encourage a healthy, vibrant glow. 

I have been making a serving of berries, whether it is a handful of plump blackberries stirred into my morning oatmeal or a variety of these nutrient-packed fruits in a fresh smoothie, a daily habit. You can eat them fresh, blend them with other fruits and veggies, or add them to other skin healthy foods like yogurt and whole grains.

Why are berries so good for your skin? 

1. Antioxidants! These dark fruits are packed with free radical fighting antioxidants. Blueberries are often named as one of the super fruits because they are so high in them, but raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, and strawberries are packed with these cell protecting nutrients as well. Eating plenty of foods that are high in antioxidants is a great way to revitalize your skin by providing your body with what it needs to slow deterioration and aging at the cellular level. 

Don't worry about freezing your fruit, testing with blueberries found that the antioxidant level in berries stays about the same. Try some serious berry picking this summer and then keeping your fruit in the freezer - much cheaper than having to purchase berries from the grocery store each week. 

2. Fiber! Berries are a great source of fiber. Once cup of blueberries has nearly 4 of the 28 grams of fiber you need each day. A cup of raspberries provides a whopping 8 grams. Fiber is important for skin health as it helps to eliminate waste from the body, keeping your body and your skin clean.

3. Vitamins and minerals for beautiful skin! Wait, there is more. Sure, all of these fruits are high in vitamin C, great for skin repair. They also each have their own claim to nutrient fame - blueberries are an incredible source of vitamin K, which is needed to prevent the formation so wrinkles. Raspberries are surprisingly high in vitamin E, which helps with skin healing and protects from sun damage. Strawberries are very high in manganese, a mineral that is necessary for collagen production.

Eat berries to revitalize your skin! Nature has provided us with these sweet, little fruits that contain a lot of the nutrients that our skin needs to stay healthy and young. Take advantage of it and use restorative berries to improve and maintain your gorgeous look.  

Yogurt Papaya Mask for Glowing Skin, Even in the Winter

Packed with antioxidants and fiber, papaya is seriously one of the best fruits for your skin. It is very high in vitamin A, which is important for skin repair, as well as vitamin E, to help keep your skin soft and healthy. It doesn't happen to be one of my favorites in terms of taste, but throw it into a smoothie with other fruit and maybe some soy milk or yogurt, and you get an amazing flavor in a skin nourishing drink. 

I whipped up a great yogurt, papaya, and banana smoothie and then of course went on to create a homemade yogurt papaya face mask for my skin. It is perfect for cooling and soothing dry, irritated skin in the winter, while also feeding your face with vitamins and antioxidants. You also get some gentle dead skin cell sloughing with the yogurt's alpha hydroxy acids.

To make a yogurt papaya mask to make your skin absolutely glow, you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • 3 or four chunks (about one-inch square) of fresh papaya
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey

Throw everything in the blender and puree for twenty seconds. Transfer your creamy papaya mixture to a bowl and head to the bathroom. Gently cleanse your skin, pat dry, and apply to your clean face. Great time for sliced cucumbers over your eyes if you could use an eye touch-up as well. Rinse the mask off after ten minutes. Moisturize and enjoy the glow!

Can Virgin Coconut Oil Save Your Super Dry Skin?

It is winter and my skin is dry. I mean really dry. I usually keep it in good condition, even during the arid winter months by going into overdrive with great moisturizers, lots of water, and a healthy diet. This year I had a curve ball thrown at me. My solution - pure, simple coconut oil.

I bought a new, unscented night cream, which totally destroyed my skin. I must have been allergic to one of the ingredients - strange as this was one of my favorite natural skin care brands, it was even unscented! Anyway, within one night my skin was itching, puffy, red, and absolutely parched. No moisturizing cream was going to fix this problem. My skin was at the point of sensitivity where anything irritated it, even my normal go-to creams.

So, I went to plan B, totally natural. I smeared a small dab of organic, virgin coconut oil over my entire face three times a day. Instantly the itching went away. Coconut is incredibly soothing. With antibacterial properties, it is also great for keeping your skin clean. It still took three days for my skin rash to completely clear up, but the coconut oil worked.

I know I talk about the benefits of using coconut oil for your skin quite a bit, but it has really proved to be one of the most remarkable natural skin care tools. Seriously, keep a jar in your cupboard. It is not only perfect for hydrating face mask recipes (and for hair masks!), but it is also your best back-up for dry skin emergencies. Don't forget to try it on for dry, chapped hands too!


While I love my skin, I am not actually a dermatologist or a medical professional. The information on this site is not meant to treat or diagnose any health issues.