3 Winter Supplements to Soften Dry Skin

Aside from drinking plenty of water and great moisturizing habits, what else can you do to help keep your skin soft and supple in the dry winter months? What about nutritional supplements to soften and plump dry skin? What can you take?

I do cater my skin nutrients to the seasons, just like we naturally eat more of certain foods in the spring and summer (more salads, smoothies, fresh, ripe stone fruit) vs. the fall and winter (hearty soups, root vegetables, warm whole grain cereals). In the summer I like to focus on adding nutrients to my diet that will help to detox my body and those that help to protect from sun damage and encourage repair. But when the weather outside is frightful...well not particularly, but it is cold, I stick with nourishing oils and good old vitamin C.

First, I add flax seed oil to my diet. It's a great vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids, great for skin health and for your nervous system. I did my own personal test with flax oil, and didn't find that it alone makes your skin softer, but I have noticed that it helps when I notice the first redness of an eczema break out. This makes sense for a couple of reasons. The omega fatty acids in flax oil have anti-inflammatory properties. Another benefit is that these fatty acids support a healthy nervous system. Maybe there is a link between an increased ability to cope with stress and better skin health? I am only throwing out ideas. I have been eczema free so far this winter - maybe it is from adding flax seed oil supplements to my diet? 

I also take evening primrose oil supplements, for the same reason as the flax oil, but they provide a different array of essential fatty acids that your body and skin can really benefit from. 

And third, vitamin C. Supplementing with vitamin C in the winter may not only help to keep your immune system strong, but it also can help out with your skin! Why? Because this vitamin is important for collagen production. Also, a few of the primary fall fruits, apples and pears, are not as loaded with vitamin C as other spring and summer fruits are like berries and stone fruit. If you just stick with an apple a day and cooked veggies instead of fresh salads you may be getting less vitamin C in the winter, just when your body may need more to get through cold and flu season and to help keep your skin soft and supple in the more arid weather! 

These are my three winter supplements to help soften and prevent dry skin. Do you rotate your skin healthy nutrients to suit the changes in your skin through the seasons.?


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