Can Virgin Coconut Oil Save Your Super Dry Skin?

It is winter and my skin is dry. I mean really dry. I usually keep it in good condition, even during the arid winter months by going into overdrive with great moisturizers, lots of water, and a healthy diet. This year I had a curve ball thrown at me. My solution - pure, simple coconut oil.

I bought a new, unscented night cream, which totally destroyed my skin. I must have been allergic to one of the ingredients - strange as this was one of my favorite natural skin care brands, it was even unscented! Anyway, within one night my skin was itching, puffy, red, and absolutely parched. No moisturizing cream was going to fix this problem. My skin was at the point of sensitivity where anything irritated it, even my normal go-to creams.

So, I went to plan B, totally natural. I smeared a small dab of organic, virgin coconut oil over my entire face three times a day. Instantly the itching went away. Coconut is incredibly soothing. With antibacterial properties, it is also great for keeping your skin clean. It still took three days for my skin rash to completely clear up, but the coconut oil worked.

I know I talk about the benefits of using coconut oil for your skin quite a bit, but it has really proved to be one of the most remarkable natural skin care tools. Seriously, keep a jar in your cupboard. It is not only perfect for hydrating face mask recipes (and for hair masks!), but it is also your best back-up for dry skin emergencies. Don't forget to try it on for dry, chapped hands too!


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