Can Clay Face Masks Shrink Your Pores?

Do you know how to shrink your pores and make your skin look more refined? While nothing can actually shrink pores, clay masks can help to make those tiny holes on your skin look smaller. Large pores not only take away from your gorgeous look, they also make it easier for dead skin cells and oil to collect, which can lead to a sea of blackheads. When debris sits in your pores it also has the super negative impact of actually stretching out your skin, making the pore problem even worse!

It is time to break out the facial clay powder. Clay sucks oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells out of your skin, detoxifying and cleaning out your pores. If you start with a thick enough layer of wet clay and let it dry long enough  (expect 20 to 30 minutes to really let it dry) you can actually see the hardened oil deposits when you peel of the dry clay. Amazing!

I mix clay powder with purified water for an easy mask. When I am adventurous I will use essential oils, milk (for dry skin) or rose water when I have some in the house. Start with two tablespoons of clay and almost the same amount of water, adding more to create a thick, wet paste that is easy to spread. You don't have to spend a lot for this remarkable beauty treatment.Bentonite clayworks really well. You can spend a couple dollars more and use green clay or red clay. These cosmetic clays are supposed to contain more nutrients for your skin.

Spread the paste over clean skin. I wash with a gentle facial cleanser first, and then pat dry. That way my pores are somewhat open from the warm water and my face is dry, but slightly damp. It takes practice to master the art of clay mask application. Investing two or three dollars for a face mask brush is not a bad idea. The trick is to have a smooth, thick layer over your skin, especially oily areas like the chin, forehead, and around your nose.

Now, this I learned after dozens of masks, sit still! Don't talk, don't smile, keep your face still. When you use your facial muscles, especially as the mask dries, it cracks. This isn't the end of the world, or of your pore refining treatment, but I feel that the mask can really do its magic when it doesn't crack. This is the world's best time to soak in a bubble bath or just clothes your eyes (cucumber slices please!) and relax for 20 minutes.

I admit I love to peel off the mask when it is dry to check out the underbelly of the dried clay. The easiest way to clean your face is to jump in the shower and let the warm water melt the mask. Follow with your serums and a facial moisturizer.

The downside is that the effects are not permanent. I try to use a clay mask two or three times a week, but it takes time. Still, clay face masks are a tool that you can use to tighten your pores, fight blackheads, and make your face look smoother and more radiant. 


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