Traditional Egg White Face Mask to Tone Skin

What is the traditional way to fight wrinkles and keep the skin toned? Aside from drinking lots of water and staying out of the sun, it is an egg white face mask. Yep, plain old egg whites, whipped to a nice froth. The incredible, edible egg is packed with nutrients that are great for the skin, including proteins, enzymes, and B vitamins, but the main reason for choosing egg whites for your skin is the tightening effect. As the egg dries on your face it pulls the skin together. When you wash away this face mask you reveal a softer, smoother, more evenly toned you.

For a basic egg white face mask you will need one egg white.

Whip the egg with a wire whisk. Be patient, your foam will form! Prepare the face by rinsing with warm water and patting dry. With your fingers, coat your face with the egg mixture. Only a thin layer is necessary, you won't use the whole egg. Be careful to avoid the eye area. Lie down, relax, and listen to your favorite classical music CD or catch up on your reading, but this isn't the time to have a philosophical conversation, you won't be able to move your face freely. 

After the mask has fully dried and your skin feels tight, rinse off with warm water.  Finish with a super-hydrating moisturizer to keep your skin soft, smooth, and supple. This is a great anti-aging treatment to have in your back pocket. It is also quick and easy as far as facial masks go, although raw egg whites are not for everyone. If you like this traditional home facial, try using it once a week to maintain a smoother complexion. It improves your skin with consistent use and blows those expensive anti-aging creams out of the water.


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