Honey and Yogurt at Home Facial for Dry Skin

This is a great natural treatment for dry skin. It is a deep nourishing and moisturizing experience that your skin will love, whether you have seasonal dry skin or you deal with this skin type on a regular basis. Use this honey and yogurt at home facial for dry skin twice a week until you transform a dull, dry complexion into that soft glow of perfect skin.

Honey, with its humectant properties, will help the skin retain moisture. This is one of the best ingredients to use in face mask treatments for dry skin, especially if you have any problems with acne. Honey also has anti-bacterial properties. Go for a high-quality raw honey for the highest content of organic acids, vitamins, and minerals for your skin.

Yogurt is rich in nutrients to help soften skin, including fatty acids and lactic acid. Lactic acid also helps to loosen dry skin cells so they can be washed away. Add a little sandalwood essential oil for its moisturizing properties and to encourage cell renewal and you have the ultimate at home facial for dry skin. To make this treatment you will need:
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon plain yogurt
  • 2 drops sandalwood essential oil

Stir all ingredients together. As essential oils degrade quickly, be sure to make this face mask right before use. Cleanse the face with warm water and dab the skin with a towel to dry. Put on the nourishing mask, gently rubbing the ingredients into your skin. Let it set for ten minutes before washing. Be sure to put on your face lotion when you are finished to help keep your skin moist. Drink lots of water, use this softening facial, and voila, go from dry and plain to smooth and radiant!


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