Purifying Peppermint and Seaweed Facial for the Ultimate Skin Detox

This is the homemade face mask to use when doing a full beauty detox treatment. Whether you are juicing for a few days or simply taking a day to detox, do your skin a favor and use an epsom salt bath to sweat out impurities and use this at home seaweed facial to intensely detox the skin.

Seaweed is used in skin care for two main reasons. First it supplies a heavy dose of nutrients for the skin, from vitamin C to magnesium. Second, it has a detoxifying effect, helping the cells to release waste and replacing toxins with nutrients. I suggest mixing seaweed powder with a strong peppermint infusion. Peppermint is a natural diaphoretic, encouraging the release of toxins through the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

To make this peppermint and seaweed facial you will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of seaweed powder, such as kelp powder
  • 1 tablespoon of strong peppermint tea, or enough to make a paste

First, brew your tea. If you have loose leaf peppermint, then I recommend brewing one quart of peppermint tea with three tablespoons of dried peppermint, otherwise use four bags of tea. Use one tablespoon of the tea for your mask and then add the remainder to a detox bath. Add the peppermint infusion and one cup of epsom salts to hot bath water. I like to soak in this peppermint detox bath while using this mask.

Otherwise, just make a strong infusion with one peppermint tea bag and one-half cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes and then use one tablespoon for the seaweed facial. Mix the peppermint with the powdered seaweed in a glass or ceramic bowl. Smear over your clean face. Do this while sitting in the bath, or simply put your feet up and relax for twenty minutes. If doing the full detox body treatment, rinse the mask and the heavy toxin release off in a cool shower. If just doing the mask you can use a cloth. After this purifying seaweed mask and detoxifying skin treatment you will feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for a peaceful, perfect night's sleep! Be sure to drink juice or water or even sip a cup of tea to re-hydrate.


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