The Best Essential Oils for Oily Skin

File:CedarwoodEssOil.pngBalancing, toning, and cleansing, these are the best essential oils for oily skin. Add them to your homemade face masks and DIY skin care recipes to help control a greasy complexion, cut down on breakouts, and help reduce large pores. Oily skin is hereditary, not a side effect of poor skin care habits, and it is a particular problem during hormone shifts ( the teenage years, the menstrual cycle, and stressful times of life). Aromatherapy skin care does not get rid of oily skin, but it can help to keep your skin under control.

The following are my five favorite essential oils for oily skin:

  1. lavender — great for acne, oily skin, and even dry skin, lavender is the amazing skin normalizer, add to facial steams and masks to help balance your complexion.
  2. clary sage — awesome on its own or in combination with lavender, clary sage essential oil balances oily, greasy skin, calms, and tightens skin tissue with gentle astringent properties.
  3. geranium — another balancing essential oil, geranium is a gentle astringent that helps to keep skin clear and smooth. It can be irritating to very sensitive skin.
  4. cedarwood — a skin astringent, cedarwood helps to clear congested, oily skin, this is one essential oil that can be irritating so only use one or two drops when adding to recipes.
  5. petitgrain — this calming and cleansing essential oil treats oily, greasy skin while also fighting blemishes, it comes from the leaves of the orange tree
Add three or four drops to face mask recipes to enhance their effect. For a basic mask, combine alcohol-free witch hazelwith clay powder. Add three drops of your essential oils of choice, such as one of cedarwood and two of clary sage. This is a great at home treatment for oily skin. Try using it two or three times a week for a huge difference in this not-so-easy to deal with skin condition.


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