Spa Facial Benefits — Are They Worth It?

What are the advantages of splurging on a spa facial? Is it worth it or can you do the same work at home yourself?

Let's face it, treatments are expensive. It is not easy for many people (myself included!) to fit a regular spa visit into the budget. Alright ladies, and skin care conscious gents, why not take a look at the cost-benefit ratio of professional spa services.

Putting your skin in the hands of a facialist

Time is money. When you go to the spa for a facial treatment, you are taking the time of a professional facialist, someone who has probably put in (and paid for) at least 600 hours of training. She does deserve a reasonable fee (think of how much you pay for an hour with a lawyer, doctor, mechanic, or other professional!). Unless you are her first client, you get the benefit of her experience as well; skilled blackhead extraction, peel application, facial massage, and other skills are a huge plus for your complexion. You may even get a few good skin care tips from a pro, although watch out for product pushing.

Sure, you can do an at home facial, which I highly recommend. Depending on your budget (don't forget to ask for a spa gift certificate for your birthday or x-mas) getting a facial treatment once every month or two or once a year is solid value for your dollar. 

Doing the work 

A facial involves cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, extraction, a mask, and then your finishing serums and moisturizers. This does take some effort on your part to do at home — you have to set up all your ingredients, make the facial sauna, etc.. At a spa you get the advantage of high-quality products, professional application, and effective techniques and add-ons that you can't do at home like oxygen infusion and microdermabrasion.

At home you have more control over the ingredients and what is actually done on your skin. Once you do the whole process one or two times, the set-up, etc., isn't that big of a deal, it can even be enjoyable steaming your skin, massaging, relaxing with a mask and a cup of tea in the comfort of your home.

In a nutshell, a spa facial treatment is worth it, even if it is a once a year splurge. You simply cannot recreate everything (the equipment, expertise, products) that a good spa can offer. However! Do your own home treatments as well to keep your skin beautiful and healthy in between visits. Also, keep in mind the law of diminishing returns. Going to the spa all the time is not as valuable as going on occasion, unless you just really love it.


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