5 Ways to Use Aloe for Beautiful Skin

AloeAloe vera is a skin care super plant! There are so many ways to use aloe for the skin. Treat sunburns, moisturize, fight acne, and improve suppleness. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, this desert plant is loaded with beneficial constituents including softening fatty acids, nourishing amino acids, and cell protecting antioxidants. Here are five ways to use powerful aloe vera for your skin care routine.

  1. Anti aging night serum Aloe encourages collagen and elastin production. These two skin proteins are the foundation of smooth, supple skin. Add three drops of carrot seed essential oil to one or two teaspoons of pure aloe vera (not a gooey gel, just the pure liquid). Massage into your skin after cleansing with warm water and your facial cleanser and before moisturizing with your night cream. 
  2. Sun solution Studies have shown that this natural skin aid protects against radiation damage. You should still wear sunscreen to protect against UV rays, but rubbing some pure aloe into your skin underneath your sunscreen is a great way to dose your skin with some protective compounds. I also put some on after being out in the sun on those sunny beach and pool days. I think of it as a little extra healthy skin insurance.    
  3. Hydrating face mask For a quick hydrating mask to battle dryness, stir together raw honey and aloe. Smear over clean skin, rinse, and love that smoothness!
  4. Calming facial toner mist Mix equal parts of aloe juice with rose water in a small spray bottle. Shake and mist over skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. If you have any facial redness like I do, then try spritzing over your skin a few times during the day.
  5. Antiseptic acne mask Use aloe for the skin to help fight breakouts. With six different antiseptic compounds, this plant is great for controlling bacteria on the skin. Mix the pure liquid with bentonite clay powder for a super cleansing, detoxing skin treatment.


Linda V. said...

Aloe is very good for your skin. It repairs your skin dead cells and makes your skin healthy and glowing. Thanks for sharing.
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Blue said...

sure, it is really one of the most underestimated anti aging skin care ingredients!!! and you can grow it in your own sunny window

Blue said...
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