Supplementing With Collagen: My Experience So Far

I wrote earlier about my little adventure with taking collagen supplements to try and improve my skin. Does it help? Is supplementing with collagen a good idea?

After about a month of taking supplements, I don't notice a remarkable difference, but there is a difference, which is more than I expected. What I did notice:

  • My hair feels slightly thicker, which is a big plus because I have thin hair naturally.
  • My skin is softer, not just my face, but my whole body. This could be because the collagen supplements that I am taking contain hyaluronic acid, a natural skin moisturizer. 
  • The area around my eyes looks slightly smoother. And I mean slightly, but even a tiny improvement is something I embrace! 

I only have tiny fine lines around my eyes, and the skin under my eyes is getting thinner, so that is what I was starting with before my collagen supplement experiment. The difference is far from remarkable, also, it could easily be due to my drinking more water and exercising more. I cannot confidently say that supplementing with collagen makes my skin look younger. To be fair, I have only been taking two pills a day, not the recommended four.

It does seem to have a slight improvement, and I wonder if it is at least slowing the effects of the aging process (your body produces less collagen as you get older, combined with collagen breakdown from sun exposure, etc.). I will finish this bottle, and probably will supplement with collagen again, but not for a few months. I don't like to overlap supplements. My next healthy skin experiment will be supplementing with evening primrose oil. I will keep you posted when I start.

My first post on supplements is, Are Collagen Supplements Worth It for Improving Your Skin?


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