5 Natural Ways to Add Body to Your Hair

Want to give your flat, limp hair a lift? I have a few tricks that can add body to your hair without having to use a lot of products. My hair is super fine, so it tends to appear pretty lifeless on its own. Limp hair drags down your whole look. By giving your tresses a healthy boost and working with them instead of against them, you can give your hair some natural volume.

In my case, my hair tends to be both dry and oily. This is probably due to naturally dry skin. When my scalp is dry it is like a signal to rev up the oil production. This can leave my locks oily and flat before shampooing, and then dull and dry after washing. 

These tricks work for me, giving my hair body and shine by helping to balance the dry skin and oily hair.

1. Add an egg to your shampoo. To do this, leave one egg out of the refrigerator so it comes to room temperature. Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk with a fork. Add your normal amount of shampoo and mix. When you shower, use this egg-shampoo mixture to wash your hair. Do an extra second wash with just shampoo to make sure you get all the egg out. Follow with a light conditioning.

How does it work? Eggs are great for your hair with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. They are one of the best natural hair volumizers, and they also help to repair damage. 

2. Give yourself a rosemary coconut scalp massage. Melt two or three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Add two drops of invigorating rosemary essential oil. Dip your fingertips into this natural hair tonic and then gently massage your scalp until all the oil is used. Shampoo as normal.

This helps to add body to your hair by stimulating circulation to your hair follicles (also good for promoting healthy growth) and by moisturizing your skin, balancing the dry/oily hair/scalp problem.

3. Brush your hair less. First, let your hair dry after showering before you run a brush through it. Hair is more easily broken and damaged when wet, leave it alone! Second, simply brush less to avoid brushing all those natural oils through your hair and weighing it down. I know this sounds strange, but when I just let my hair air dry and barely run a brush through it, it actually looks great and has a lot more natural volume.

4. Use a volumizing shampoo. I know this sounds obvious, but for years I was going for strengthening shampoos, thinking that this will help to nourish my hair and scalp. Bad hair care move! Volumizing shampoos are the way to go. You may have to try different brands to see what works for you. I finally settled on Giovanni Cosmetics Eco Chic shampoos. 

5. Skip the conditioner. If you have oily locks, then you do not need to condition every day! In fact, a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week actually works better. In the winter when my hair is dry I do condition three or four days a week, in the summer less. Play around with what works for your hair. The point is, don't stick to a hard and fast rule like shampoo and conditioning every day. For limp hair types, this isn't really the best option.

There are plenty of ways to add body to your hair naturally. Definitely switch to a great volumizing shampoo. Lay off the brushing and conditioning, but do add some nourishing, natural ingredients to your hair care routine. Beautiful, healthy hair really makes a more gorgeous you!


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