How Exercise Can Improve Your Skin

Beautiful skin is not just about what you eat and your daily care routine. How much you get your body moving impacts the health of your skin as well. Because of the boost of blood circulation from a brisk walk or this morning's pilates class, exercise can improve your skin. Just one more reason to keep your body in great shape to look and feel amazing. 

First, by increasing blood flow, exercise brings more nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, helping to feed and repair at a cellular level. We are talking not only a fresh complexion, but also help with the signs of aging by encouraging healthy collagen production.

According to author and dermatologist, Ellen Marmur, another beauty benefit of a daily workout is the detox factor. Exercising will actually encourage the flushing of cellular debris. Less waste means healthier cells and better looking skin. So, no, the sticky, sweaty feeling that you have from 45 minutes on a treadmill is not going to cause a breakout as long as you keep your skin clean after working out (try using cleansing towelettes on your face, neck, and back after a workout if you can't jump in the shower right away). It is more likely to help keep your skin clear and healthy. 

What type of exercise can you do to improve your skin. Anything helps but for better circulation and healthier skin make sure you are including some type of aerobic activity into your workout. Simply going for a daily, brisk walk every day will do the trick. For a high-energy, calorie-burning, skin boosting workout in 15 minutes, pull out the jump rope. Biking, swimming, jogging, dancing, kickboxing, and aerobics are all great options because you can get your heart pumping. Yoga and weight lifting are less aerobic, but they still will help to boost circulation and of course improve muscle tone. 

Aim for some type of exercise every day. Now you can get in shape and give yourself a beauty treatment at the same time!


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