Calming Face Mask for Dry Skin With Flax and Honey

Nothing is better for dry, irritated skin than pure, natural ingredients. Try out this calming face mask with skin soothing flaxseed oil, honey, and lavender. It will help to beef up your skin's protective barrier against moisture loss while also nourishing and softening.

Flaxseed oil is going to give your skin that ultra moisturized glowing look while also calming redness with anti-inflammatory omega oils. Honey (raw, unprocessed, organic honey) brings to the table an array of organic acids to feed and replenish your skin. Honey itself is known for being soothing to skin, which is why it is excellent in any face mask for dry skin, but it is also useful for calming sunburns (keep this in mind for summer!).

Lavender rounds out this DIY beauty recipe with anti-inflammatory and balancing properties. I know, I
know, I use lavender essential oil, powder, and hydrosol in a big chunk of my natural skin care formulas. If you don't like the aroma, sorry. I just believe lavender to be one of the most universal beauty ingredients. It is gentle and calming for irritated, inflamed, and mature skin. It balances oily skin. It even has anti-bacterial properties to help combat blemishes!

To make this calming face mask for dry skin, you will need:

  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons raw honey
  • 2 capsules flaxseed oil
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil 

Open the flaxseed capsules and stir the oil into the honey. I use two capsules to help soften the consistency of the mask. Add the essential oil drops. Now cleanse your skin. You definitely want to start with a clean canvas for this beauty treatment. There is something about trapping dirt and grime under honey and oil that is a bit unsettling to me. If your skin is really dry and over-cleansing is an issue, make sure you are washing with a facial cleanser that has been made for dry skin. Creamy cleansers usually work well. You can also try washing your face with olive oil. Wellness Mama has an awesome explanation of how to clean your face with olive oil.

Gently dry your skin and then smear the mask over your face and neck. A thin layer is fine as the flax and honey blend is very hydrating for even really dry skin. Let it set on your face until it is dry, about 20 minutes. Then, rinse with a cloth and warm water. Finish with your normal serum and moisturizing routine. 


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